Got Basil?

Do you ever see a recipe and see the ingredient list and say crud I don’t have one of the items?

And that one item makes the dish come full circle! In my case it was this fresh, fit, healthy chicken bruschetta ♥️

I made the dish the first time without it and it was ok….but I just made it the other day and thanks to my very own basil plant I had the secret ingredient….basil….and it was AMAZING!

Now I bought my basil plant from Walmart but below is a link to an at home herb garden kit. And they are grown in Mason jars too! Click the image below to check it out. Now I have basil for days! Fresh and ready for snipping 😋

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And just in case you like me saw this dish and your mouth started watering here is the link to the recipe:

Let me know in the comments if you grow or will be growing your own herbs at home and if you make the recipe let me know what you thought.

And remember eat to live!

Liz Coffel

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