Full Throttle

Onto the next chapter in our debt free journey. Last month we celebrated as we paid off our one and only credit card we had!

Now we are full throttle ahead on the next leg of our journey and that is to pay off our truck. To give you an idea of just how serious we are about becoming debt free I want to share exactly how much our debt snowball payment is now!

Our snowball payment is $1899 per month!!!!! The idea of the snowball payment is as you pay things off the payment of the debt paid in full snowballs to the next. So right now we do $1899 on our truck along with it’s normally monthly payment this is a total of $2265 every month.

And last week we hit the under 5k mark on the truck loan balance. Our projected pay off of that loan will be about the first week of June if not sooner.

The charts you see here are from https://debtfreecharts.com/collections/free-charts she offers a variety of free and for purchase printable charts to help track your progress no matter what journey you are on.

I would love to hear what your families financial goals are and how you track your progress. Please share in the comments below!

Recommended reading for the whole family!

*As an Amazon affiliate I earn based on qualified purchases.

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