19 Months


Today our truck loan is
PAID in FULL!!!!!!!!

This means other than our mortgage and my student loan we have no other debt!!!!

How did we get to today? Hard work and staying on course.

Today I reflected on where we were and how far we have come.

In 10/2018 we had the following debt outside of our mortgage and student loan:

5th Wheel $7,257.68
Car loan 1 $10,077.02
Car loan 2 $12,218.19
Visa $9,790.41
Total debt. <$39,343.30>

We have in 19 month paid off $39,343.30 in debt!!!!!

In 2020 alone $16,426.23!!!!! During a global pandemic!!!!

So you may ask what is next….we have chosen to build our 3 month emergency fund which we have a goal of $10k the plan is to have this funded by 08/2020…..stay tuned!

What could you accomplish in the next 19 months?

#goals #debtfreejourney #debtfreecharts #financialfreedom


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