DIY All Natural Chest Rub


The dreaded cold and flu season is upon us. If you are like me I strive to find safe natural products for me and my family. I used Vics Vapor rub for years but after seeing this recipe I thought I would give it a try going into the sniffles season of 2020.

This recipe was provided to me by Nature’s Sunshine. Great for chest or even applying to the soles of your feet too!

Ingredients (Natures Sunshine Products):

10 drops of Breathe Deep

5 drops of Essential Shield

5 drops of Ravintsara

5 drops of Organic Lavender

4 oz. Hand & Body Lotion or carrier oil

Amber glass jar with air tight lid (got mine on Amazon as Natures Sunshine did not have a size to accommodate this recipe.)


  1. Place Hand & Body Lotion/carrier oil in jar.
  2. Add essential oils, mix to combine.

When shopping for your essential oils I highly recommend Natures Sunshine! It is the brand I use for my family. When you get your supplies for this order you will be getting 15 ml size bottles through Natures Sunshine and that my friend will make a WHOLE LOT of chest rub. These oils can also be used for other recipes and purposes too! Shop all the Natures Sunshine products listed above by clicking shop now below

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