Virtual, Home Based Business: The Smart Choice

The virtual home based businesses are really the smart choice!

2020 has shown us so much! It occurred to me today that maybe the most revealing aspect is that the virtual home based businesses have been a solution and savior for many.

I mean think about it, its virtual…cannot be shut down or told to limit customers.

It is based at home which is where the majority of us have been in 2020.

It offers flexibility in that you can choose your hours. Schedule it around your lunch lady duties, and teacher responsibilities for those virtually schooling their children at home by choice or due to the pandemic.

The government at this point in time hasn’t shut down your internet or phone so it is an additional or even primary stream of income for your household that is not really affected by this pandemic.

Even while some virtual home based businesses have had shipping delays and issue we still rise above and can continue growing and servicing our customers!

I am super thankful that my full time job was already a remote position and I am super thankful as well to have my virtual home based businesses with Savvi and Color Street! I was looking today and in only 5 months with one of my part time virtual businesses I have earned almost $2000! For part time that is a nice safety net for sure!

So I think the question becomes: What virtual home based business could you start today as a back up plan or start now because your primary means of employment has been shut down?

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