Control the Budget Chaos!

It is easy to get side tracked from just about anything but especially from staying on track with your finances! And it is especially easy to derail around the holidays too!

I am proud to say that we do Christmas debt free as well! There is no running up a credit card balance or Holiday loans for the Coffel Household! That being said my budget this month is a hot mess! To be honest the last few months we haven’t stuck to it to the T. But the good news is when things look like chaos in your budget you have two choices:

A: Do nothing and continue down a path of chaos


B: Do something and control the chaos: Get back to budgeting and stick to it!

So today I took some time to update and create our family budget for 2021. Budgets change because life changes. Expenses change.

Budgets have to be looked at every month if not a few times during a given month. And budgets have to be realistic, based on facts!

After spending time today planning ahead I feel confident that we will finally achieve our 3 month emergency fund funded to $10k in early 2021. It was our plan to have it funded by 12/2020. While I was disappointed not to reach that goal, I am thrilled we had the funds to pay cash for a recent vehicle we had need for and pay cash for the parts it needed to make it a safe reliable vehicle.

It is all about perspective people! Stay positive! Get your budgets in order for 2021! You can do it! Choose B!

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