A Debt Free Christmas: 4 gifts


These are my adorable children. It was a few years back that we realized these adorable children were expecting quantity vs quality. What I means is they defined Christmas as the number of gifts under the tree with their names on it as the level of love we had for them.

In our household we believe and know that Christmas is about so much more than the quantity of gifts with our name on them under the tree. Christmas first and foremost is about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! Christmas is about quality. Quality of time with family!

It was our job as their parents to reset and refocus them on the true meaning of Christmas. We also believe in doing Christmas debt free. We had heard about the four gift rule.

If you haven’t heard of this approach I will explain it below.

Essentially each child gets four gifts.

Gift #1 Something They Want:

This is normally their big gift. Something they have been asking for and wanting. For example this year our daughter wanted a TV area for her landing area. So for $129 we found a TV and DVD player. Our son wanted a pair of Adidas basketball shoes.

Gift #2 Something They Need:

This is something they have a true need for. Example, last year both kids desperately needed new mattresses. So new mattresses they got. Now you may be saying WHAT! You got them a mattress? YES we did and you know what they were excited and thankful❤️

Gift #3 Something To Wear:

This is pretty self explanatory right? Kids grow so fast that clothes at Christmas just makes good sense.

Gift #4 Something To Read:

I shop thriftbooks.com for this gift as I can get se great books, in great condition, at a great price!

The first year was probably the hardest adjustment. But now our children love this concept and spend time really putting thought into their want and need gifts ❤️

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