Wellness Wednesday: My Favorite Liquid Vitamin


It was a couple month’s ago that I ran into a problem. The Nature’s Sunshine Children’s Vitamins I get for my children were not really sufficient for my 12 year old anymore. So I found this great alternative for my growing boy. He doesn’t do well with swallowing pills so I knew it would have to be something in a gummie or liquid form.

Nature’s Sunshine seems to always have an alternative too! This product is something my son actually likes to drink so it makes taking his daily vitamin a breeze.

Solstic Twenty-Four comes in a box with 30 daily servings. You simply mix the packet with 14-16 ounces of cold water and shake and drink. We have him use a shaker bottle.

This product has at least 100% daily value for 13 vitamins. It aids in immune, mood, and bone support (Vitamin D3). Vitamin K1 assists with calcium absorption and Cardiovascular support. The B Vitamins it has also helps with energy.

As a mom who is always looking for good, healthy supplements for her family I find I always am turning to Nature’s Sunshine. Their products are Pure, Potent & Proven! Click the link below to see this product and pricing. You can order anytime 24/7 and it ships directly to your door. You can also shop at retail or read about other buying options and even subscribe and thrive which can get you discounted pricing options.

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