YOU were Designed to Inspire!

I feel that each of us were designed to inspire those around us! Inspiring others is as simple as a genuine smile, embracing someone in a much needed hug, or sharing a kind word or gesture towards another!

This blog is about all things inspirational but also a community where we can share life together! The ups the downs….the no make-up moments. A sanctuary and safe haven where we can be authentically us!

My goal is to remind you that you are His! This mean that you are a whole LOT of beautiful things! You are loved and beautiful! You are enough and blessed! You were fearfully and wonderfully made which means you are fearless and brave! You didn’t believe what I just said about you did you? That is why this page exists!

Sometimes YOU, yes YOU need to remind yourself of the value you have. The value He sees in you even when you don’t see it yourself!

My name is Liz Coffel. I am first and foremost a daughter of the King. I am also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and wear many other hats every day. I work full time for the State of Michigan supporting our local office specialists who determine food and Medicaid assistance for our Michigan residents in need. I am commissioned and called by God to encourage and remind others of the value He sees in them. P E R I O D.

So be sure to soak in the inspiration you find here, share the blog with others, and go out and inspire others!

Spread Kindness around like it is confetti!

Liz Coffel

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