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My name is Liz Coffel, I am a first and foremost a daughter of the King. I am also a wife, mom, career woman and sling nail strips on the side!

YES 100% nail polish that goes on dry!

I believe we should and can find inspiration in everyday life!

So whatever has brought you to this page today you will undoubtedly find something that inspires you!

So take a look around, go ahead and click some buttons! I promise no matter which button you choose it will lead you to something uplifting, and inspiring!

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If life has dulled your sparkle you have come to the right page!

Dry Nail Polish? No Way!

Do you like polished nails? Did you know you can get them at home with no dry time, no smears or smudges? Dry nail polish is all the rage! YES you heard me! Nail polish that goes on DRY! Color Street makes this possible!

It’s time to get your sparkle back! Get excited and inspired about your nails again girl!

Finding it hard to believe that you can slap nail polish on dry? I was too! So what about trying it before you buy?

Request your

FREE Color Street

sample today!

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I honestly am SUPER low maintenance, but having my nails done makes me feel put together. Except I hate doing them because they always turn out sloppy, smudged or chipped right away. This might be the solution I didn’t know I was looking for!.

Katie D

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